Our Remote Service

If your business is not situated around Bath/Bristol, Lighthutt can offer you a remote service. We offer two solutions.

Web based system

With our web based system, you have control over the whole process. We will help you set up an online system which includes an online accounting package and secure online storage facility for all your paperwork.

We set up an accounting package online on your behalf where we can access your accounts to update and use them. All documentation that we need to complete your accounts is loaded by you onto a secure online storage system where we can access them. Any management accounts would be sent to you and stored online. This serves two purposes, it gives us access to your documents and it is a secure backup for your paperwork.

This solution can be cheaper than purchasing your own software and you may find it surprisingly cost effective.

Post based system

We send you a postal package that helps you put all the paperwork that we need together for you to return to us. We complete your accounts and return all your documents and a copy of your accounts to you. This solution removes the need to think of anything, just include everything requested on the form and we do the rest.

Hybrid system

We understand that your time is important and have created a hybrid system to make it as time efficient as possible. The hybrid system combined the two systems above which removes the tedious task of scanning and uploading your documents to the web. We send you an envelope with a list of all the documents we need. You send us the documents and we scan and upload all the documents for you. We return your originals and do your accounts online, which you will have access to whenever and wherever you need it.


Contact us for more information about our remote service:

David Hutt: 07891184886     –     Gillian Hutt: 07847305645

 Email: info@lighthutt.co.uk